DayGram - One line a day Diary App Reviews

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Nice and easy to handle. Would be nice to select themes.

Great app

Ive been looking for this kind of diary app for a while and this is it! Nice and simple!

Great app

Stoked on this app. Its simplistic design and quick input makes it easy to use and helps me reflect on things at the end of the day. Overall assisting in being more successful in all aspects of life.

Great App

Thank you

Great daily journal.

I love the minimalist interface, and the window it provides for different days of your life.

Cant say enough good.

I love this app so much. I am even going back in time to write my hand written journals into the app.


The app is crushing every time! Fix that! (iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1)

Mac os

Need it on mac os!


Beautiful in its simplicity, good and useful app. Some strange logic in photo adding. And I cant remove photo from note – it appears again when I open a note next time. Please, stay simple! :)


I cant recommend this app enough. I finally managed to get into the habit of writing a little every day thanks to this.

Great app!!

Maybe once when cloud saving system will be implemented would be even better

Elegant Minimalism

This app is just beautiful, I love it. I have owned iDevices for several years now and this is the first journaling app I have actually been really impressed with. My only requests as an artist would be the ability to include images in my entries, and the ability to change the background color to something a little easier on the eyes than white. Otherwise it lacks for nothing in its simplicity.

Already love it.

I only wish words after a time stamp started capitalized.

Dont Make Any Improvement

So much for my beautiful review. iTunes timed out and I dont have the heart to recreate it. Dont worry. Fantastic product. Go ahead install it today and I will write a 5-Star review later. ***** -- Love it. Saves to my Dropbox effortlessly.

Simple and relaxing

This journaling app gives you the feel of a blogging app. This app is simple and beautiful. It displays all of your entries by the day and separately by the month. It even lets you search specific dates! I used to honestly get stressed and feel that I needed to write a lot, or just have trouble summarizing my days (because I forget the small details), but now writing down my thoughts and whats going on in my life has become a breeze. You hit the clock and it stamps the time and you jot down what youre doing at that time. Thank you for this beautifully crafted app.

Not for me...

I was intrigued by the minimalist aesthetic so I held my breath and took the huge 99¢ gamble. The absence of the ability to change the font to something in keeping with the rest of the design is a deal breaker. Sorry.


I actually use this app a lot, but i think i am using it in a different way, i keep this app as a work logs of whenever i leave the office and whats the reason for it. So when i leave my office i open the app and click on the "clock icon" and write my reason next to it, in the end of each month i print the list out as my overtime sheet, thank you guys for the multi tasking app!

Perfect for my daily food log!!!!

Thank you!!

Huge security bug!

Developers take notice! Many users enable fingerprint and passcode security for this app. After you open the application by using 3D-touch, it waits for you to scan your finger. But if you click cancel, rather than asking us for the passcode instead, it unlocks the application and all the data is not secure anymore! Please fix this bug asap. Other than this, this app is near perfect.

Security Bug

My journal is pin protected but 3D Touch bypasses having to enter a pin

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